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Make Your Promotional Gifts Relevant To Your Customers Today!

December 12, 2018 | Martin Pratt

Make your promotional gifts relevant to your customers today

Almost everyone loves to receive promotional gifts. From classic pens and t-shirts to more idiosyncratic items such as calculators or tape measures, a well-thought-out promotional item can help endear people to your brand and leave a positive lasting impression on them.

However, simply ordering a batch of randomly selected promotional gifts for customers is unlikely to be profitable for your company in the long run. Future clients will only remember your brand if the item they receive is useful, enjoyable and relevant to them. The following tips are just a few examples of how you can steer your promotional strategy towards the demographics that you hope to entice:

1. Consider The Situation In Which You Will Be Handing Out The Items

The business promotional gifts you give out to conference-goers should look very different from the ones you send out in the post for a number of reasons. First of all, conferences are a great way to cater to the immediate needs of delegates. Bottled water, carrier bags, and edibles will go down a treat with people who have been on their feet all day, building up an appetite and accumulating heaps of stuff to take home with them.

Punters who will be receiving items in the post, however, are likely to be after different items. Coasters, keyrings, and pens, for example, are all useful gifts that can be used immediately in the office or at home. The quicker a customer can get stuck into using the item, the more likely they are to remember you!

2. Think About The Average Age Of Your Potential Customers

Let’s face it: we’re all different and there is no one gift to suit everyone.

If you’re giving promotional gifts to older customers with a family, they might like a colourful kite or some fun fridge magnets, whereas if your customer is a young graduate, they might appreciate an acrylic key ring or a USB memory stick wristband.

3. Cater Towards A Specific Interest

Don’t be afraid to cater towards a very niche client base. If you know you’ll be looking at a room full of accountants, for example, order some super functional desk calculators. At the other end of the spectrum, a room full of beauty experts will go wild for a selection of branded toiletries, lip balms and cosmetics.

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