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3 Reasons Why A Promotional Mouse Mat Is The Perfect Corporate Gift

January 26, 2019 | Martin Pratt
new - 3 Reasons Why A Promotional Mouse Mat Is The Perfect Corporate Gift

When it comes to corporate gifts, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Have you considered gifting promotional mouse mats? Love your logo are the best promotional mouse mats UK provider, able to fully customise your mouse mats as well as other promotional merchandise. Here are three reasons our mouse mats will make the best corporate gifts for your treasured customers and clients.

1. It's A Unique Idea

Pens are usually the go-to corporate gift idea for many companies as they are incredibly useful and come with contact information printed on them. However, can you ever distinguish which company gave you which pen? Pens aren't a unique concept and won't stand out from the crowd; mouse mats are a much more unique idea. Instead of hiding in a bag or pen pot all day, a corporate mouse mat will take pride of place on an office or home desk and be remembered by the user.

2. It's A Great Marketing Tool

As well as being a thoughtful gift for clients and business personnel, mouse mats are also a great way to get your business brand out there. If you provide quality products, people are more likely to pass on your company name which will increase traffic to the services you provide. Mouse mats are the superior corporate gift idea because of their longevity. A pen or a ruler often get thrown away but a mouse mat is a more useful piece of equipment that is likely to showcase your company name for years to come.

3. They're Great To Customise

As well as being useful pieces of office equipment, mouse mats are fun and efficient to customise. The large surface area of a mouse mat can be packed with company slogans and a plethora of contact information which is a great way to boost your branding. With mouse mats, there is more opportunity to make them aesthetically pleasing and interesting to look at. A mouse mat can come with a calendar printed on it – a 2 in 1 gift for your desktop! We can even provide Aquamat mouse mats which are interactive and filled with water. Focusing on a mouse mat's design will show customers and clients that you are willing to go the extra mile to give them a quality gift unlike any other they have received.

It's time to think outside the box with your corporate gift ideas. Love Your logo go to extreme lengths in order to provide the customised products your company requires. Contact us today to see how promotional mouse mats can make the best corporate gifts.

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