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How Quality Pens Make Great Corporate Gifts For Solicitors & Accountancy Firms

December 6, 2018 | Martin Pratt

How quality pens make great corporate gifts for solicitors & accountancy firms

A significant amount of the business solicitors and accountancy firms get comes via word of mouth. But in those industries, it's important to always be on the lookout for new ways to spread the good word about your firm, and to attract new business or returning clients who were satisfied with your work. A great way to do this is to give out corporate gifts to select recipients that feature your branding and contact details, and a great corporate gift to give is a quality pen.

A Simple, Useful And Effective Corporate Gift

Pens are always useful, and they are something anyone can carry around with them easily. If you give clients, law fair attendees and prospective clients the corporate gift of a free pen, the first thing they will do is put it in their pocket or bag. But this is just the beginning of the journey for that pen.

Later on, when that person needs to write something down, they will find that pen and be instantly reminded of your logo and your firm. If they use the pen at work or at home, they will most likely place it down on a table where another person in need of a pen will find it. This process will repeat itself again and again, meaning a growing number of people will become familiar with your logo: these are all now prospective clients.

Opening Up New Avenues

All manner of people in the world will find themselves in need of legal or accountancy services. If they have previously worked with you, then you want to ensure you are their first thought when they need those services again further down the line. Similarly, anyone who hasn't used your type of service before, but who finds themselves in need of it, is likely to think of you and your logo if they have seen it on the pen. So, they find the pen, note down your contact details and become your client.

Corporate gifts are a strategic tool to attract more business, and a quality pen can be a simple but effective gift to keep the business coming your way. If you are a solicitor or accountancy firm looking for corporate gift ideas to help promote your business, consider having your logo printed on a quality pen. You might just find more business comes your way that isn't attracted through word of mouth.

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