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Why Glass Trophies Are The Winning Promotional Merchandise Choice

March 26, 2019 | Barry Starling
Why glass trophies are the winning promotional merchandise choice

When it comes to promoting your company's logo and brand, it's not enough to just distribute the occasional pen or business card and expect that to make a big impact on future clients and customers. In this dynamic marketing age, you have to go the extra mile and think outside of the box. With an engraved glass trophy, you have an almost unlimited number of ways to promote your firm in a creative and engaging way. Here are our top tips for using glass trophies to expand your firm's reach:

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1. Use Them To Sponsor An Event

A great way to market your business in 2019 is to become involved with some local and commercial organisations. Potential clients appreciate it when firms are involved in good causes and help to boost local charities, and the associated events will help you to promote your business via word of mouth. With a glass trophy, you can sponsor a competition or offer an award in a memorable way that actually marks your business' involvement – literally! You can also opt to use glass trophies for your own corporate awards evenings. These items offer a great way to recognise the hard work of employees and reward them for their efforts while keeping your branding consistent throughout all of your materials.

2. Customise Them For Unique Corporate Gifts

If you want to bring a smile to your clients' faces, consider ordering bespoke glass trophies to gift to your most loyal customers. You can opt for a range of design styles from the classic 14.5cm Clear & Cobalt Blue Optical Crystal Column Oval Award to the striking 28cm Nik Meller Design Clear Optical Crystal & Cobalt Blue Vetri Obelisk Award. You can inscribe the glass trophies with a grateful message, such as 'Best Customer' or opt for an inside joke for a more personal touch. You can ensure that your branding and logo is on the base of each item to remind them of your firm's attention to detail.

3. Create A Visual Representation Of Your Company

With one of our glass promotional merchandise products, you can even communicate with clients and corporate partners with just a single engaging image or a witty piece of text. With one of Love Your Logo's Acrylic Display Blocks, you can insert any visual or quote that captures your business' ethos. These can be customised as unique corporate gifts at Christmas with a snow effect or glitter display. Whatever the occasion or holiday, we can provide the perfect glass product to highlight your business' services and branding while also showcasing the creativity and humour that makes your firm stand out.

For more information about our wide range of glass trophies and related products, contact one of our dedicated team members at Love Your Logo today.

Buyer's Guide To Branded Promotional Merchandise & Gifts

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The Buyer's Guide To Branded Corporate Clothing & Workwear

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Buyer's Guide To Branded Promotional Merchandise & Gifts