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Do Promotional Items Actually Work For Business Events?

July 26, 2018 | Martin Pratt

Do Promotional Items Actually Work For Business Events

If you're wondering 'do promotional items work?', then here's a statistic for you. According to the PPAI, 83% of people who receive a promotional product are more likely to do business with your brand. For recall, resonance and repeat exposure good promotional items are tough to beat, ranking as the number one most effective marketing channel from Millennials to Baby Boomers.

Say Yes To Promotional Items

Still asking yourself that question, 'do promotional items work?' Then here are a few more reasons why you need to say yes to promotional products for your next business event.

The first thing to remember about high-quality promotional swag is that people love receiving presents. In fact, the PPAI discovered that 25% of attendees at business events collect promotional products whatever they are and whatever they're promoting because they love a freebie. By tapping into the power of swag, you're appealing to your recipient's innate love of receiving gifts.

But it doesn't end there. Psychologists have identified what they call the 'reciprocity effect'. That means that when we receive a gift, we have a conditioned response to react in kind. Choose good promotional items that are useful, high quality and fun to receive and watch the reciprocity effect kick in with higher response rates, referrals and repeat business.

For example, if the intended recipient is a mobile worker, then a gift that is more aimed at a desk worker would be inappropriate. Mobile or solar phone chargers, for example, would be particularly useful to a mobile worker. Likewise, a major boiler repair company who left a slim magnetic torch attached to the boiler following installation or repair would be leaving behind something useful.

Choose high quality items that are built to last and that reflect your brand values perform another important function. 81% of recipients keep promotional items for more than a year. Subtle yet persistent, that logo item will keep your business top of mind for far longer than an email or online advert that can get lost in the noise. The better the quality, the longer your item will last and the more positive the impression it creates for your business.

How To Promote An Item Effectively

It's important to bear in mind that to create the most effective promotional campaign, you need to select your promotional items with care. An item that ends up in the recycling bin isn't creating the memorability and impressions that you hoped for.

Always give away promotional items that people will want to use. If you want to know how to promote an item effectively, look at the swag that big brands use to promote their products. Tech gadgets like fitness trackers, environmentally friendly items, wearables that reflect a desirable brand aesthetic and beautifully packaged items that create a memorable unboxing experience will all effectively showcase your brand.

Remember that your logo items can and should fully reflect your brand identity and tap into the unique power of promotional products for your next business event by giving us a call.


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