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Corporate Gift Ideas - Promotional Pens

January 24, 2019 | Martin Pratt
new - Corporate Gift Ideas - Promotional Pens

Choosing the right corporate gift can be difficult, as it is important to strike the right tone with your recipient. The right corporate gift can speak volumes and provide you with serious brand visibility, so it's worth considering all of your options.

Promotional pens are always popular and make the perfect gift. Here's why.

They're Universal

The right corporate gift needs to be one that you could feel equally comfortable giving to the managing director of a company as you could a trainee. If it's too gaudy or too utilitarian you're automatically limiting the number of recipients who will benefit the most.

They’re Actually Useful

If a promotional gift is useless, it'll be thrown away and forgotten about in minutes. A pen has a real, observable, practical use. Every time it's used it's promoting your brand to everyone who can see it. Recipients tend to appreciate a practical gift more than an impractical one.

They're Convenient

You never know when an opportunity might knock. The perfect networking chance might pass you by in an instant, so a large and heavy promotional gift is no use. You need something you can keep with you at all times yet also conveys the appropriate message - a promotional pen is ideal for this.

You Can Save Money

A key benefit of promotional pens is that they're affordable to buy in bulk. This makes them particularly attractive to smaller businesses, where marketing budgets may be a little tighter. With many online printers offering promotional pens UK startups can choose from, there are great deals to be had.

They’re Concise

The right promotional gift is one that spreads its message in a few moments. That's how you reach the widest number of people possible. A pen is ideal for this because it forces you to be concise with your design, logo, and branding.

They Can Have Any Design

The promotional pen offers businesses a blank canvas on which to print their brand identity. There are so many design choices available that it allows your creativity the freedom needed for it to flourish. This means it's easier to boost your visibility in an otherwise crowded marketplace.

Here are just some of the many reasons that promotional pens making a compelling choice if you're thinking about the right corporate gift to represent your brand and your business.


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