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Corporate Calculators - The Perfect Branded Gift Idea for 2019

January 31, 2019 | Martin Pratt
new - Corporate Calculators - The Perfect Branded Gift Idea for 2019

It's that time of year again...the time where work begins, and corporate gifting ideas need to flow. Throughout the year you want your brand noticed and what better way to achieve that than by showering your clients, suppliers, colleagues, and friends with branded corporate items? Brainstorming a list of what's hot in terms of corporate gifting can be hard, so we're going to make it easy for you. Choose promotional calculators, which are becoming quite the trend in the UK today.

Promotional calculators in the UK are selling fast, and that's because they work (for marketing and for calculating things, of course)! Now, we know what you're thinking; smartphones and computers have built-in calculators, so gifting a desktop version is pointless. We aren't surprised that you think along those lines, but sales figures show that calculators are just as popular as they have ever been! That's probably because it's quicker and more convenient to grab a calculator on a desk than it is to drag a phone out of a pocket/bag or wait while the computer "thinks" about all the processes it's already running.

Why Promotional Calculators Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

There are various gadgets and general devices that you can choose from when considering your corporate gifting options. A calculator might not have tickled your fancy before, but we'd like to share a few ways in which promotional calculators in the UK have advantages over other gifts.

* They offer a long battery life (unfortunately, smartphones and laptops can let you down here).

* They turn on and are 'ready to go' in an instant (again, smartphones and laptops pale in comparison).

* The display is clear and not easily damaged if the device is dropped or bumped.

* They cost far less than a laptop or smartphone.

* The device can be taken from one place to the next with ease (by hand or in a handbag/briefcase).

When a person is scrambling to work out figures and your promotional calculator saves the day by being immediately available, quick, and accurate, your business brand will be remembered.

You can use promotional calculators UK-wide for gifting to universities, schools, accountants offices, admin & bookkeeping offices of suppliers and colleagues, and any business that runs a front office! The options are almost endless.

If you would like to see your logo proudly displayed on a range of the best quality and cost-effective promotional calculators, get in touch with Love Your Logo today.


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