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Buying Promotional Gifts Online Vs Using A Personal Service With Love Your Logo

January 29, 2019 | Martin Pratt
Buying Promotional Gifts Online Vs Using A Personal Service With Love Your Logo-1

When it comes to choosing the perfect promotional gift for your event, give away or staff incentive scheme, you might be tempted to choose the first item and supplier you see. ‘How hard can it be’, you might ask, ‘surely a mug or tote bag with our logo will be perfect?’ In our experience, this approach will only get you so far. Recipients may find the gift useful initially (pen, anyone?) and may even continue to use it past the day of receipt.

However, unless well thought through, often these personalised gifts go unused and unloved, wasting a potential opportunity to advertise your brand.

We often find that customers who buy business promotional gifts online, without speaking to someone about their requirements, don't make the best buying decisions.

Here at Love Your Logo we’ve helped hundreds of companies choose the best promotional gift. Our experience in what works and what doesn’t can prove invaluable to your next promotional investment, helping you to raise your profile and delight recipients for no extra cost. Working with us to choose your promotional gift has a number of benefits, and we’d be delighted to talk them through in more detail with you in person. But to give a taste, here are a couple...

We Know How To Tailor Your Gift To The Person

If your gift is used daily by a recipient they will remember you, and your company, and will be more likely to pick up the phone when the need arises. Promotional gifts are sent to all kinds of people and their daily needs vary depending on their role and working patterns.

For example, in our experience an individual in a public facing role (such as a receptionist or sales representative) will be unlikely to use a third party pen. They might, however, use a desk calendar that is hidden from public view, or a personal item, such as a bottle or cup. We can also help you make sure your gift avoids the bin, giving you tips on what previous customers have found to be most useful for recipients. If you're choosing a gift online you miss out on this personalised service.

We Can Deliver Quality Goods At Best Value Prices

We know that you want to project the best possible image of your brand. As such, we know that quality is important. We know how to maximise the value you get from your budget by identifying products which will work well with your brand and logo (colour consistency is key). We know volume discounts inside and out and can help you to identify where to get most value. Talking to us in person is the best way to find out what volume discounts are available. These aren't always advertised online, meaning you're likely to get a better deal when using a personal service.


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