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Entertain & Charm Your Clients With A Branded Rubiks Cube

March 25, 2019 | Martin Pratt
Entertain and charm your clients with a branded Rubik's cube

These days, companies spend large sums of money to secure the most innovative and original marketing with high-tech web design and branding. While these marketing tools are essential, it's often the more personal touches that truly make a company stand out to current and future clients. If you want to take your firm's marketing to the next level, consider opting for a unique piece of promotional merchandise, such as our Rubik's cubes. These products are not only unique and entertaining but allow you to fully encapsulate your business' branding and logo while also promoting your services in an original manner.

Buyer's Guide To Branded Promotional Merchandise & Gifts

An Innovative Way To Encapsulate Your Specific Services

Corporate promotional merchandise has traditionally centered around the same few office products, which makes it difficult for companies to stand out. Rather than wasting part of your marketing budget on the same stale techniques, a Rubik's cube that is tailored to your business allows you to grab your prospective clients' attention while also cleverly capturing and promoting your specific services.

For instance, at Love Your Logo, we recently provided Rubik's cubes for a photographer who offered several different types of images and wanted some unique corporate gifts. With our bespoke Rubik's cubes, the photographer was not only able to distribute memorable corporate gifts at Christmas, but he could also reflect all of the different styles of photography that he offered on the sides of the cubes.

With our wide range of Rubik's cube products, there's always a creative way to reflect your business in your promotional merchandise. If you're a design company, consider opting for our Rubik's Pen Pot. Similarly, a tech company can select a Rubik's 4000mah Power Bank. Your customers will appreciate the everyday utility of these items while also remembering your company for its ingenious approach.

Capture Your Clients' Attention With An Unusual Angle

Our Rubik's cubes aren't just perfect for capturing a specific element of your business' services. When you're operating in a competitive marketplace, it can be a challenge to distinguish yourself from other companies. In this case, it's essential that your promotional merchandise is fun and upbeat in a way that contrasts with the more traditional marketing approaches. At Love Your Logo, we've even helped a patent lawyer use our Rubik's cubes to promote his legal practice in a productive and inventive way.

If you operate a business that often involves busy or tense situations, such as a divorce law service or a medical practice, then consider lightening the mood with your promotional merchandise. Opt for a Rubik's Puzzle Pen, which will elicit a smile when clients are signing documents in the office or at home. If you hand out a Candle Rubik, on the other hand, your clients and corporate partners can use it to wind down and relax, thereby associating your company with a calming and positive atmosphere.

Whatever your vision for your company's unique corporate gifts, our Rubik's cube selection at Love Your Logo can bring it to life. Contact us today for more information about how to transform your company's promotional merchandise.

Buyer's Guide To Branded Promotional Merchandise & Gifts

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Buyer's Guide To Branded Promotional Merchandise & Gifts