Branded promotional merchandise and gifts are a great way to market your brand and increase awareness of your company logo and message. Whether you're looking for fun freebies for a promotional event or unique branded gifts for valuable clients, we have a huge range of branded merchandise and promotional gifts. There are many different things to consider when choosing which promotional materials you are going to use so we've put together a buyer's guide with information for you to think about.

Which Type Of Product Is Best?

When choosing which promotional branded products you are going to order, it's important to consider who they are aimed at. Think about the goal of your marketing campaign; is it to remind previous clients of your services or is it to attract new customers? Is it to raise awareness of a cause or issue or is it to increase customer engagement with your brand? Think about what products are best to share this message. If your campaign is going to be sent through the post then the size and weight of the product are going to be a factor as it will affect the cost of delivery and should ideally fit through a standard letterbox.

What Would Be Useful For Your Client?

For general marketing, there are lots of products that are always going to be useful, like pens and pencils, tote bags and mugs. These are the kinds of products that are great for large events, mixed audiences and general use. If your promotional materials are for a specific target group then it's worth thinking about what products will be beneficial to them in their line of work. If they use the item often then they will be frequently reminded of your company.

For example, a branded car air freshener is a great product that is seen every time the customer uses their car. This would be ideal for mechanics or car cleaners who are looking for repeat business, or if you are targeting frequent drivers, like taxi drivers.

If you're targeting people in the beauty industry, then we've got products that will be useful for them, like branded nail files with your message on both sides or a compact mirror with your logo. Another great useful product is our radiator keyrings which are perfect for plumbers as they are super practical.

For businesses that deal with musicians, like guitar suppliers and PR companies, then branded guitar plectrums make great promotional gifts.

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Company Ethos

If your brand is passionate about the environment and dedicated to reducing waste and promoting sustainability then it's important your branded and promotional materials live up to the same standard. We have a great range of recycled and eco products that help you spread that message, from pens to environmentally friendly balloons which are biodegradable and help provide jobs in poor areas of the world and help prevent deforestation.

Products that promote a sustainable lifestyle are a great choice for ecofriendly clients. Products like reusable shopping bags and coffee cups are great for cutting down waste. If your company is selling British-made products or proud to support British manufacturing then it makes sense for your promotional materials to also be made in the UK. We have a range of UK made products like our luggage tags which are made in the UK out of recycled plastic.

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Order Timing

Order timing is paramount when ordering promotional products. It's always better to order with plenty of time to spare. We have a wide range of seasonal products, from summer flip-flops to Christmas snow globes and branded Santa hats. These are a great, novel way to promote your brand at specific times of the year.

When you are ordering Christmas items, it's important to order them as soon as possible (September is ideal) as we can get really busy and items can run out of stock the closer it gets to December. If you are running a seasonal marketing campaign and want to have the items ready to post out for Christmas, it's important to give as much notice as possible so we can get
your products to you in time. Many of our products are sourced from China so can take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive. If you're ordering promotional products for a specific event or a specific date, then it's important to order early and let us know.

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Type Of Printing

When you're selecting your promotional products it's worth looking at what kind of printing is available for that specific product. Some products are only suitable for one colour due to their size and surface so perfect for a simple message or brand name. Other products are perfect for sharing your logo, like keyrings and stress balls. The material your product is made from will also have an impact on what type of printing you use as well as how many colours there are in your design.

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At Love Your Logo, we have a vast range of promotional products - we know that different projects and budgets require different levels of quality. For really prestigious clients, or a promotional gift to say thank you for doing business, we have some stunning products of exceptional quality in our executive products range. Our optical crystal arched clock can be engraved with your business' message or logo. These types of product including glass vases, globes and photo frames will take pride of place in the recipient's office.

On the other end of the scale, we know that sometimes cheap and cheerful promotional products are required. If you're doing a promotion at a large event, like a festival, trade show or university freshers fair, then you'll need a large volume of fun products at a low price. Some great low-cost promotional materials we can provide include branded sweets, drawstring bags, lanyards and badges. These products allow you to get your name out there and appeal to a large audience in a cost-effective way. 

Visual Impact

It's important that your promotional materials capture the receiver's attention and represent your brand in a good way. If you're going to be at an event where there are lots of competitors, like a trade show or careers fair, then it's worth thinking about how you can make your marketing materials stand out. This could be achieved using colour, for example, if your brand's colour is purple, then having purple pens, mugs, keyrings and bags could give a strong visual impact. Another way to capture your target customer's attention is to have unique and unusual marketing products, like shaped stress balls, wooden USB sticks and branded beach buckets.


It's also important to think about what environment the product is going to be used in. Will it be used in a public space? If so, it may be worth trying to think of a larger product for outdoor use that will be seen by a lot of people like umbrellas, tote bags and water bottles.

For events, it's important to think about who is going to be receiving the product, and what the event is. At festivals, branded sunglasses are a great idea, as are music themed gifts and novelty items. We also have a range of desk and office promotional products, like mouse mats, stationery items and desk calendars that are perfect for targeting corporate clients. For targeting students, pens and stationery items they need for their studies as well as bottle openers can all be cost-effective marketing materials.

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