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How Branded Merchandise Can Increase Your Brand’s Visibility

April 3, 2019 | Martin Pratt

How branded merchandise can increase your brand’s visibility

A trusted and visible brand sits at the heart of any successful business. A strong marketing strategy will stitch branding through all of an organisation’s advertising, social media and other promotional activities, including branded merchandise.

Buyer's Guide To Branded Promotional Merchandise & Gifts

How Does Branded Merchandise Get Results?

When you add a logo or company message to an item of clothing, you embed your brand onto the wearer - they wear you. When you add a logo to a pen or a calendar, you are placing not just the pen or calendar, but your company in the mind of the person using it. They place you or your company in their homes or on their desk at work. And branded products don’t just impact on their first users. Everyone who sees your logo begins to recognise and engage with your brand. You increase your reach, raise awareness and secure sales all in one hit.

What Can I Brand?

The great thing about branded merchandise is that it can be adapted to suit any budget. From balloons to bags and from mouse mats to mugs, as long as you opt for something useful, people are going to hang on to it. A recent study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) stated that although ‘most people keep promotional products for an average of eight months…’ 63% of the individuals they studied gifted their promotional products to others when they stop using them. That means branded merchandise remains out there a whole lot longer than other forms of advertising. Talk about a bang for your promotional buck!

What Type Of Branded Product Will Work Best For Me?

Get together with team members and think creatively about the types of things which best reflect your organisation's activities and ethos. For example, if your operations include a commitment to environmental awareness, you might select eco or recycled products. A fitness company might opt for towels or water bottles. Memory sticks or electronic items could be good for companies supplying technical services. If you intend to market your products at trade exhibitions a high-quality canvas bag branded with your logo could be just the thing to draw others to your display stand. Go for quality over quantity if budget is running out - nobody wants to be associated with cheap and shoddy products. Higher-end merchandise will last longer and instil confidence in your brand.

Call To Action

Unless you are a national or international organisation with an extremely recognisable logo, you need to let people know how and where to find you. That means including contact information such as email and web addresses. If you have a snappy slogan or other ‘call to action’, use it!

Hundreds of thousands of organisations all across the world use branded merchandise to increase brand engagement. They do it because it works. Now it’s over to you!

Buyer's Guide To Branded Promotional Merchandise & Gifts

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Buyer's Guide To Branded Promotional Merchandise & Gifts