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Are Promotional Items Worth The Money?

July 9, 2019 | Martin Pratt


Almost all of us will have enjoyed free promotional items at some point in our lives. Whether you’ve been gifted a shiny new pen, a box of sweets or something a little more extravagant, there is something exciting about receiving a branded item from a company hoping to win your favour.

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Despite the obvious perks of branded items, however, many business owners are still reluctant to invest in them. Indeed, one can never be sure whether the products will make a big impact on a company’s overall marketing strategy, and it can be difficult to quantify whether they offer any return on investment.

If you’re a business owner thinking about getting involved with some promotional branding, however, it is important not to overlook the many benefits of branded items. These include:

1. People Tend To Hold On To Branded Items

Many companies opt to give people useful branded items such as pens, tote bags, notebooks, and reusable coffee cups. In doing so, they encourage people to hold on to their products for a long period of time and, by extension, expose them to the company logo on a daily basis. Indeed, handy and robust promotional items increase brand awareness on an almost subconscious level that will help draw in customers for months or years to come. Choose this cooler bag as your promotional gift today and your business name will be remembered and loved all summer!


2. Branded Gifts Can Increase Brand Loyalty

Offering customers free gifts after they have used your goods or services is a great way to encourage them to come back for more. Brand loyalty is hugely important if you want to spread good words about your company, and gifting to customers is a fantastic way to build a following. It may be summer, but this is England – we’re not immune to the odd July downpour! Give out these reflective, storm-proof umbrellas and you’ll be thanked next time there’s a sudden summer rain!

3. Promotional Items Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

In today’s hectic world, people are bombarded with hundreds of advertisements on a daily basis and it can be difficult for brands to cut through the noise. Fortunately, offering promotional items is a very effective way of building a buzz around your company because it offers prospective customers something tangible to remember you by. Remember that television or magazine advertisements, for example, are very expensive and not always successful. In some ways, promotional items may prove much more cost-effective.

4. Branded Items Make Fantastic Prizes

If you’re heading to a trade show or major event that will help promote your company, running a competition is a great way to generate a buzz around your brand. Make up some goody bags with a range of promotional items to make your products - and your company - appear sought after. Encourage health and fitness with this stroller pedometer and feel good knowing that you’ve made a positive impact on your potential customers’ lives!

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